Freelancing with Amla…

Working is not doing something for which you think that you know what you’r doing, or you know how to do it because you have learned it at school or somewhere else. If you don’t care what happens after you finish it, if you don’t feel exalted about getting job done than it’s not called work, that one is called give me some money and leave me alone.
You can ask a programmer for this one. Just ask him how he feels when his code works…

Since i have heard it for the first time it has become my motto:

I can’t imagine anything more worthwhile than doing what I most love. And they pay me for it
Edgar Winter

“What I most love” for me is coding, creating beautiful websites and web apps, converting graphic designer’s talent into code. For more then 8 years i have been working and learning php, javascrit, html, css and other programming languages and I really love it as it explains to you how everything works.

I have been graduated for Agricultural Management and since today i have worked as Reservation Manager, Marketing Manager and General Manager on different companies but i have never felt the same energy that i feell when coding, and for this I want to thanks a friend of mine who learned me the first steps on how to install and make changes on a Joomla site and this was about 8 years ago.

Freelancing with Amla

For about two years I’m working as a freelancer and it’s really great, I have free time for my one year old baby and still I have managed to earn enough money. During this time I have applied on some freelancing websites but i haven’t logged in to them since the first time I have created the account, they had a lot of commissions and as well as a new user if you want to get any project you must pay for getting listed on the featured developers otherwise forget it.

I was not going to search or apply in any other freelancing platform but a friend of mine told me that the top 3% of developers are working at Toptal. So i thought i will give a try and join the Web Development Group at Toptal, for many reasons, first of all is; that i really like their posts on Toptal blog, being part of Top 3% of Talents it’s really nice and here you start rewarding your self cuz you’r in the Top 3%.

So this is just the start, soon I will have the interview for being part of Web Development Group with the Top 3% of web developers. If you are a software engineer I recommend you to do the same.

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