e work hard with every project we are given from our clients, but above all we believe that what makes us successful is our love and passion for our work. SHOM Tek is a company created by three professional techies working in different areas of online and traditional marketing, bringing the best of both worlds. SHOM Tek helps the industry develop further thanks to new practices and ongoing experiences in the market.

We are proud of our work and assessments received not only from our customers but also clients of customers who have appreciated the websites that SHOM Tek has built, which are informative and easily navigable. Considering the frequent and endless changes occurring in the search engines such as Google which in one year alone changes its algorithms approximately 50,000 per year, it is necessary that for your success online you will need a company that knows and follows these changes step by step and uses them for the success and the advantage for customers.
At SHOM Tek – We know what is best for your online success.

Since 2006, SHOM Tek has provided online marketing services to various companies worldwide. During these years we have relied on our professional knowledge, have been willing to learn and improve and have enjoyed growing to become a company that offers extensive online marketing services, optimization for search engines (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, Content Development, Link development, websites design and development, mobile apps, Mobile websites. All work performed by SHOM Tek is protected from our Hacktive Security specialists.

It will be hard to find a company like ours with a dynamic staff and who works in full efficiency in using their full talents. We do our best for your company and allow it to access every opportunity.

– Eduart Milushi, Founder & CEO of SHOM Tek

SHOM Tek is an industry leader in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and as such we will provide your company with a serious online presence and the respective website with positive page ranking so that it comes first on web searches every day on Google, Yahoo or Bing! There are billions of searches by users across the globe, but how many of these searches are aimed at your product or your services? You will never know unless your website meets SEO standards.

SHOM Tek is comprised of staff specialized and certified as SEO specialist who have all the necessary skills and techniques ranging from artistic design, web building architecture in HTML/HTML 5, PHP, Java, ASPX, Adobe Flash, database upkeep, CMS platforms and Web content creation. Through these hard earned abilities we will enable your website to be in the league of many other quality designs and a part of the billions of searches so that you company will be able to tap into new markets, dominate and to expand on existing ones and have a significant improvement in ROI.

The SEO process at SHOM Tek has five stages:

  • Strategy - Understanding your main product/s, service/s, the company message and the market/s so that we can develop a plan that fits your SEO objectives and budget.
  • Analysis - Evaluation of existing architecture of your website, coding, content and links, as well as a deep analysis of key words.
  • Organization – we offer the support so that your site gets the barrier break it deserves form the chaos and rise above the competition through optimization, web recommendations and link connections with our partners.
  • Analytics - Monitoring, analysis and reporting of site ranking as a result of our work from the search engines, keywords and internal links.
  • Optimization – We assure you we’ll provide long-term success by providing ongoing consultation and training in SEO and also in the cultivation and management of links.

In the unorganized and wild landscape of the internet, we can offer the full benefits of a quality website assist in achieving the objectives of your company so that you’re above the competition. If you want to expand your online presence, attract and understand the desires and needs of your current customers or those who intend to buy your product or service and also if you want to be assessed as a serious and strong partner then allow SHOM Tek to achieve all these for you!

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