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Who We Are

SHOM Tek is a company that offers full internet marketing service and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our services include online marketing, website design, PPC management, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Link Building, On page and Off page optimization, Copywriting, content optimization, Graphic Design, Reputation Management, Branding and Hacktive Security. With us you'll find everything you need in one company!

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What we do

What are your company's needs online? Even if you don't know them, our experts will use their knowledge and experience in order to increase your online presence and to guarantee the success of every website or application you need. We have a fully specialized team with more than 20 years of experience combined for all the services we offer. Hire us and simply relax and watch your company grow online.

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What our friends say about their favorite web-developers.

SHOM Tek designs some of the most professional pages I've come across. That's why I decided to have our company's official site built by them. SHOM Tek helped me with the idea development up until implementation and I'm still relying on them for any new updates we need or want to do to our site. Definitely worth my time and money! Thanks SHOM Tek!

Paulina Zboro – English for

We had previously worked with and had our website through them, just a simple template they use for other companies. We were not happy with the bland work and since our business is booming we needed a fully functional, easy to navigate website. A friend referred us to the guys at SHOM Tek and we just told them what we wanted. They did everything, and did it so well!!!

Orjana Bleta & Joni VejsiuFidelity Rental Properties

I liked working with these guys on IMP's website. Fast, competent and understanding. SHOM Tek are real techies, with lots of creative ideas. Looking forward also to work with them in the future.

Visar Daja – Head of PR at

We needed a simple and concise website which would display our highly specific defense security technologies and SHOM Tek was able to suggest a winning website. They were reliable, were able to finish our project within 3 weeks and deliver a product we can be proud of as our public image. Highly recommended! DST.

Gledis Hoxha – CEO @

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WordPress REST API with meta fields

Before starting lets have a complex WordPress query with custom meta fields Some times ago I created a WordPress plugin for testing purpose and personal use. What this plugin does ...

WordPress Cache

WordPress is the most powerful blogging platform on earth (I don’t know if aliens use it :-p), I’m not going much further about WordPress because if you have reached this ...

Freelancing with Amla…

Working is not doing something for which you think that you know what you’r doing, or you know how to do it because you have learned it at school or ...

A Design Workflow Tutorial for Developers

The worst thing that can happen during the implementation o any UI is lack of communication between the designer and the developer(unless they’re the same person). Some designers think their job is done once the PSD is sent over. But, that’s just wrong! You must create an always-on communication workflow that lasts beyond the delivery of the PSDs.

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