Online Reputation Management

Because your good name is everything.

Online reputation management is and should be a very important goal and good business practice for any owner of a business and brand. In fact, what others say about your brand, products, services or the behavior of your staff may cost you more money and eventually may cause you to loose money. Those individuals who are concerned about their image always take in consideration reputation management service. SHOM Tek has the resources and know-how and will help you to protect your company’s public image online through Online Reputation Management. We offer reports and Internet reputation management services in accordance with industry standards and your needs.

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We will publish new references, quotes and messages on your behalf every day. This is where we start and maintain your Online Reputation. This is a continuous process that brings out the positives and mitigates any negative trace online.

Snapshot Report & Custom Proposal:

  • SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Reviews are results obtained from the search engines regarding the popularity and reputation of your brand, website, products, services and personnel.
  • Assessment referrals on high-impact site
  • Analysis of key social platforms reputation
  • Applicable recommendations about how to improve various issues of reputation through search engines.
  • Executable plans for social media

Your Online Reputation Management plan may include the following points:

  • Promotion of positive support and referrals for your brand through search engine reputation management
  • Creating favorable references online
  • Profile utilization in social media to create a positive familiar brand
  • Recommendations to encourage positive feedback
  • Take control of 10 results displayed for your brand in search engines

Online Reputation Monitoring:

  • Real-time reference and updates to your brand name through internet
  • Finding the issues and factors that affect your reputation
  • Immediate attention and response to negativity
  • Promotion and encouragement for favorable references
  • Creating new systematic reference for your brand and positive through Online Reputation Management

Let SHOM Tek protect you through our reputation management services. Any business owner who may have questions about our reputation management services, please contact us for personalized help.


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