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Reach everyone that lives online, anywhere in the world.

Social media, and of course, social media optimization is a very powerful tool for any online marketing campaign important to any company. An efficient strategy in social media will not only help your company to establish a close relation with your customers, but will also give you the added benefits found in SEO strategies and help in online rankings.

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Take in consideration the following facts: Google, Bing and Yahoo have confirmed that they have strategised to receive likes or follows and they have created public profiles on social media platforms. The same is true of many public figures, superstars and politicians using social media to manage and improve their reputation. Why? The answer is simple: Because we all know that social media has a powerful effect on users' opinions and in search engines rankings. Therefore, if you haven't set yet a strategy for your social media presence or the one you have doesn't work properly then don't loose more time. Don't let your competitors beat you online!

Our Mission

To be the eyes and ears of your business in fluid virtual environments such as any of the dozens and upcoming social media platforms and make your business dominant in everyone's virtual life by using the appropriated strategies and effective social media marketing campaings.

Our Approach

We strictly follow all key indicators of a social media marketing campaign always keeping in mind the "social" aspect in social media marketing. A good social media marketing strategy deals not only with numbers and measurable factors - but builds relationships and shares information. We do not see social media only as a way to promote, but as a powerful marketing channel for customer experience and service. Interaction in social media encourages a strong connection between "brand" and customer. Any marketing manager should be more vigilant and use all the possibilities to create these relationships.

Whatever your goal is, to get more visitors or increase public's knowledge about the brand or its popularity, to introduce new or existing products or simply to increase the number of followers on social media platforms, we will develop a suitable social media marketing strategy that fits your goals.

  • Enlarge your brand reach by increasing fans, followers, and +1s
  • We help you with customer relations, means of feedback, and complaint resolution
  • Cast a wide net on with a social media marketing plan by developing & promoting giveaways and contenst, tailor made coupons, special offers, quizzes, and more
  • Create and share preferred content to attract more likes, shares, new social media followers and links
  • Increase website incoming traffic through powerful social sharing techniques
  • Create, organize and promote a social media marketing campaign always within your needs and budget

Social Marketing Packages

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Basic Package

Custom social media graphics - Basic level of posting frequency on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ - Daily monitoring of social mentions - Community building - Monthly Facebook Ads budget - Basic monthly report

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Intermediate Package

Custom social media graphic - Intermediate level of posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ - Daily monitoring of social mentions - Community building - Social media feed application for Facebook - Monthly Facebook Ads budget

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Advanced Package

Advanced Page Optimization Recommendations - Advanced level of posting frequency on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ - Daily monitoring of social mentions - Monthly Facebook Ads budget - Social media feed application for Facebook - Influencer connection campaign

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Expert Package

Custom social media graphics - High frequency level of posting on Social Media giants, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, as well as one other social network of your choosing - Daily monitoring of mentions on social media - as well as community building - Monthly budget on Facebook Ads - Monthly Twitter Ads budget - Influencer connection campaig