Pay Per Click Service

A successful PPC campaign is worth the cost.

Each PPC (Pay per Click) campaign requires continuous surveying and careful management in order to have satisfactory returns on investment (ROI). In SHOM Tek you will have the opportunity to decide how you want to invest and we will guide you for the best investment you can make through our PPC service. You will always get an affordable price for a professional Pay Per Click campaign.

SHOM's PPC Management will help you:

  • Reduce cost per click
  • Get brand protection
  • Quality growth
  • Delineation of local markets

SHOM PPC service includes:

  • A dedicated consultant for PPC campaign management
  • Intensive keyword search
  • Research on competition
  • Campaign and ppc account management
  • Titles optimization, meta descriptions analysis, and landing pages for each keyword.
  • Monitoring and optimization while performing campaign

SHOM PPC Evaluation Service:

If you have used or are using PPC service and you need an expert opinion for the assessment of an appropriate strategy then try our PPC evaluation service for an assessment and counseling to PPC campaigns as part of our PPC service which will to help you:

  • Display an overview of the actual status
  • Assessment of targeted keywords or phrases
  • Intensive search keywords
  • Research on new keywords
  • Analysis of competitors

Optimization and revision of the content of advertising
Evaluations and Analytical Reports
Suggestions and recommendations for your PPC campaign

Contact us to receive an offer based on the purpose of your campaign or to learn more about PPC services.

What is PPC (pay per click) advertising

Pay per Click (PPC) is an Internet advertising method where merchants pay only for the traffic they receive on the website or ads published by thems. PPC services are specifically tailored for search engines or for internet advertising sites where businesses invest different values according to their contracts for every click made on their advertisement. When using PPC services advertisers use keywords or a group of keywords for which they want to show their ads as a result of a search.

Why PPC?

A Pay Per Click campaign is undertaken because there is more control and efficiency that organic SEO promotion. Through the management of PPC campaigns you can compete much faster for a word or a group of keywords rather than through organic SEO promotion or building links with other sites.While a new site on the internet will take time to be listed in the SERP (search results page in search engines), a proper management of a PPC campaign creates immediate traffic.

Definitely, the more competitive your keywords are, the more expensive will be your campaign.