Website Design and Development

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Choosing the right company to build your website has an enormous impact on the success of your plans. SHOM Tek’s mission is to build websites with high visibility in order to improve your company’s image and positively affect its revenues. Of course we are designer but we are also Search Engine Optimizers. We can help you with Social Marketing on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter or lunch a campaign to reach your target audience.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is simply adapting your web page so that any electronic device can show it, this includes home computers, any laptop brand, all mobile android, iPhone iOS and different tablet. SHOM Tek offers this service for each site that a client wants to built.


SHOM Tek Techies love HTML 5 and they are not shy to use it in every website we build. HTML 5 is the latest and best standard for browers accross the web, it is easily read by Firefox Mozilla, Google's Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera. Try us!


Cascade Styling Sheet 3 (CSS 3) is the web browser standard for the creative styling we encounter accross the best web designs we all like. SHOM Tek techies are quite versatile with CSS 3 programming and incorporate it in their web designs to offer the best product for every client.

Design the key to site success. Ranking in Google depends on many factors such as site design, the ease to navigate and the content of the site, images, text, graphics, etc... However, this is not all. The knowledgeable web designer should make sure that all the necessary parameters are incorporated according to the instructions of the Google Developer, including ALT Tag, Title Tag, Description Tag, Keyword Tag, internal and external link page. We live and breath SEO. SHOM Tek techies besides having designer skills have also gained SEO skills as well from the experience in building websites and offering increase in traffic for customers.


SHOM Tek techies initially focus on website analysis, so that we can create and build a web-architecture strategy that can be used for your website. Then comes the process of encoding and design complexity of the site in a manner to be as easy to navigate by the user and as easy for search engine robot to draw information.

Full Service

From the creation of the content, consulting, social marketing, link building, to the development and design of a website - we offer a full Internet Marketing Service. We love to experiment and develop our knowledge every day in this field so that we can fulfill your needs.

Core Service

  • Web Design
  • Printing Design
  • Online Shop creation
  • E-commerce Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Full Social Media Integration
  • CMS Integration, Set-up & Maintenance
  • Facebook Pages - Twitter Accounts
  • Unique Logo Design
  • Joomla! Technical Support
  • Wordpress Technical Support
  • Technical Support for other CMS
  • Hactive Services: Website & Server AntiHacking

Our Process

      We Love to Do

      • Custom infographics
      • Web Ad Banner Design & Management
      • Landing Page Unique Design
      • Email Newsletter Design & Email Campaigns
      • Custom PSD/Ai Illustration

      Get Started

      Small Static Site

      Approximately 10 pages

      Get Started

      Small CMS

      Approximately 10 pages

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      Medium CMS

      Approximately 50 pages

      Get Started

      Large CMS

      Approximately 250 pages


      • WordPress

      • Joomla

      • Drupal

      • Adobe Business Catalyst

      • Interspire

      • Network Solutions NSCommerce

      • vBulletin

      We Speak Code

      • HTML4 & HTML5

      • CSS3

      • jQuery

      • Responsive design

      • Flash & Actionscript

      • PHP

      • MySQL

      Social Media Marketing

      • Facebook Timeline Design

      • Facebook Presentation

      • Graphic Design for Google+

      • Twitter Custom Design

      • Facebook Aplications

      • Google Gadgets

      • Infographics

      Internet Marketing

      • Search Engine Optimization

      • Content Marketing

      • E-mail Marketing

      • Reputation Management

      • Link Development

      • PPC Management

      • Analytics & Reporting