SEO Content

Appropriate balance between SEO and your company’s description.

Having a solid SEO content development strategy is the essence of each site. Creating quality content for a website should be based on deep and proper research and copy and writing with full commitment. Effective content creation from SHOM Tek staff involves keeping the copy short and simple with clear and easy access. We value consistent SEO content when it is of highest caliber because it is the best way to cultivate visibility and longevity online.

SEO Content is versatile and used in order to increase the traffic to your website through search engines. SHOM Tek is fully dedicated to provide high quality services in SEO content creation; we are proud that we can offer quality services for your online business needs through the creation and design of a website with an original content linking search engines and online users.

SHOM Tek offers full services in development and creation of content for your web page knowing that a proper content not only inspires consumers but also motivates them to act. We believe that SEO content for any website is the key to its success.

  • Original and unique SEO content
  • Blog content
  • SEO Content appropriated for your site
  • SEO Content for many pages
  • New page content based on your competitors
  • LinkBait Promotion and content
  • Content improvement

Our Process

      SEO Content Optimization

      SHOM Tek's SEO content writing services begin when we comb through your website to determine valuable phrases for which Google currently ranks your website in Google’s top 100. Those phrases are closely reviewed and their search volume is factored in, incorporating the average value of each phrase based on how much people are spending in paid advertising for them.

      It goes without saying that we take pride in our SEO content writing services and our expert SEO content writers who have developed engaging content with SEO best practices in mind. Our process requires us to organize your website’s URLs to find your highest SEO-value pages, along with phrases that should be targeted. It is our unique job to know your current rankings for each phrase, the search volume and the phrase’s value, which in turn are paired with your phrase’s current use on each page. By using this SEO content data, which we will share with you, SHOM Tek techies can determine which phrases need better optimization on each page.

      New Website Content

      SHOM Tek's SEO content writers look closely at your competitor’s websites to analyze phrases for which they are making money while you are not. This is done because your competitors may rank for other phrases, for which your website does not rank. This knowledge and data is used to determine content and phrases that are missing from your website and then create this “missing opportunity” content.

      Some advice from Shom


      When it comes to SEO improvement content will play a very big role in your rankings. And as they say "Content is King, Backlinks is the Queen."Remember: All the expense and hard work you may have done for SEO services, such as Backlinks, PPC (Pay Per Click), Design, or social marketing will be lost if your website content is poor.

      -To be taken into consideration:

      When writing an article or content for your website you should take into consideration two key things: The first is your reader and then the search engines. You need to ensure that both these aspects are taken into consideration. Make it easy to read and understand be careful on what you want to say.Take in consideration the search engines because if you deal good with them they will take care of you!


      There are many types of website content but the more importants are the products and services, as well you give more value to your content if you use images, video and music.Additionally, images, music and video are remembered more easily and this will make visitors to remember your website. And certainly the images and videos will provide you with a quick and simple way to communicate with visitors.

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      100 Page Optimization

      100 Oportunities: 100 pages sent to your website through your CMS - We identify the most valuable 100 pages and keywords - 100 title tags and meta descriptions

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      50 New Pages

      50 Opportunities: 50 pages sent to your website through your CMS - 50 title tags and meta descriptions - including identifying keywords for each page - 50 pages of NEW optimized conten

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      Specialized SEO Content

      Content tailored to your specific website - Optimized using valuable keywords - Detailed SEO content research for each page - Includes trusted external sources

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      Premium SEO Content

      90 minutes of SEO content research per page - Search engine-friendly premium content - References trusted sources - Detailed SEO Content - Utilize SEO keywords

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      Linkbait Content

      Created by a veteran linkbaiter - Eye-catching web content - Increase website traffic - Reaches a broader audience - Target social media networks

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      Blog Management

      Utilizes SEO keywords and phrase - Industry and product research for each post - Daily and weekly posting - Includes trusted external sources - One image per post