Dentiste Pa Kufij, (Dentists Without Borders) a new Non-Governmental Organization came to us with a request: they needed a new online presence in dentistepakufij.al so that they could recruit and show other interested individuals how they could help in oral hygiene for people in need or even people with the lack of knowledge into the importance of dental hygiene. We were very glad to help and designed an attractive, easy to navigate website, for which we were much thanked. Our work involved several early suitable looks for the site and finally the managers at DPK were set on having a CMS so that they could manage News and Project Events when they needed. The final product, designed in two languages, English and Albanian has made it easy for volunteers to join the NGO and help with their efforts.
  • Skills : Website Design
  • Release Date : 28 02 2014
  • Client : Dentiste Pa Kufij
  • Copyright : SHOM Tek & Dentistepakufije.al
  • Project's Link : http://dentistepakufij.al

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