A personal webpage for Mr. Elton Shanaj, eltonshanaj.com proved to be a light, quick and quite entertaining website. Our goal was to add that intimate touch necessary to personal pages, yet keeping a fully professional look and easily accessible pages. During our brainstorming together with our client, we decided early on we would go with an non-traditional display as well as a design that resembled a dynamic business card. This decision turned out to be very helpful for our efforts later on and it made the entire site's design to move quickly. Working together with the client, gathering the necessary information we needed, we were able to finish in less than 10 days from contract signing to giving our client a fully functional, attractive and personalized website.
  • Skills : Website Design
  • Release Date : 20 02 2014
  • Client : Elton Shanaj
  • Copyright : SHOM Tek & Eltonshanaj.com
  • Project's Link : Eltonshanaj.com

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